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About EduPark

EduPark at GSTP is a place created to show to the youngest and the little bit older, that science is not boring, and can even be fun!

EduParku was designed for children and youth so that they can learn here as much as possible about themselves and the world around them. We want to prove to everyone that learning by having fun is possible. Physics, chemistry and biology need not to be boring, school subjects. Our mission is to stimulate young people's passion for exploring and making clear that pleasure comes from learning. EduPark is designed specifically for school groups and children with their parents. Here, under the supervision of tutors, the young researcher recognizes the laws of nature. What counts here is a positive action and a good humour.

Our permanent exhibition includes interactive displays of the five fields of science, in which you can independently investigate the laws of nature.
Our exhibits are designed for fun - not like in a typical museum. Just a little curiosity and zeal and you will become a discoverer. In case of any problems our experinces tutors are going to help you. You'll discover the secrets of optics and acoustics, build a bridge without a mortar. In EduParku you can also test your reflexes, arrange an anatomical human body, learn the operation of a thermal imaging camera, and even look through the eyepiece of the microscope. We will also show you the macro and micro worlds.

With such a diversity of actions to take in EduPark science can not be boring!


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