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O EduPrzedszkolu

EduPrzedszkole was created for children of employees of Gdańsk Science and Technology Park, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and for scientist and students at Gdansk University of Technology, University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk. EduPrzedszkole is a facility which is located on the ground floor of the  Gdańsk Science and Technology Park at 3 Trzy Lipy Street.

Our Mission - In our educational work - we use the latest teaching methods, we create the conditions for comprehensive development tailored to the needs  of all children. Emphasis is placed on developing the creative abilities of the child, but also to enable the conditions to work on the computer, facilitating learning of reading and writing. We are developing mental and manual skills of our students so they have a stronger foundation in further education. We are preparing them for living in harmony with themselves, but also with the people and the entire surrounding world. We teach them how to experience success, but also who to cope with failures. We provide conditions for the individual development in a friendly atmosphere, in a cooperation with the families and the environment.

Vision - EduPrzedszkole is creating a place where every child has the opportunity to develop to match his abilities. Our students will acquire knowledge and skills, but above all, will grow up in a friendly atmosphere. Qualified staff, working with parents, will make every efforts to ensure that children will experience and develop  observation skills and creativity need in future life. An additional advantage of our kindergarten is a unique program with elements of business and IT. We want to raise our young students in a creative, spontaneous and open to ideas environment. We are focused on inspiring our kids and making them ready to seek new, better and more original solutions.

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